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Have you found your tolerance level increasing? Are you no longer experiencing the desired medical effects of flower? 

Premium cartridges

We’re always thinking about our patients and what they want next. That’s why we developed Dank Drops Extracts. We’ve balanced unique flavors with symptomatic benefits, producing a product that’s solvent-free, 85%+ THC, and featuring 100% all-natural terpenes. All of our Dank Drops Extracts vapes use CCELL technology, ensuring you get the best and most advanced vaping experience. Ready to find your X?

Premium distillate cartridges

Smooth flavor that delivers a potent 85%-94% THC-A.

Premium distillate cartridges

Rich in terpenes with the right kick of THC-A (HTFSE)

Premium distillate Syringes

Smooth flavor that delivers a potent 85%-94% THC-A.

Premium distillate cartridges

Rich in terpenes with the right kick of THC-A (HTFSE)

Frequently asked questions

There’s a lot to learn, but lucky for you, we love to help. Making sure you’re educated and comfortable is a big part of who we are and why we love what we do.

Concentrates are exactly that — concentrated. They offer high potency in small amounts. If you’re just getting started, we always recommend starting slow. For example, consider starting out with a dab about the size of a piece of rice. Once you’ve had a chance to experience relief at this level you can always introduce more if needed.

25 mg – 50 mg (.025 gram – .05 gram)
Approximately the size of a grain of rice

50 mg – 100 mg (.05 gram – .1 gram)
Approximately one to two grains of rice

100 mg+ (.1 gram+)
Approximately two grains of rice

Temperature is really important when dabbing. It directly impacts the terpenes (flavor profile) and potency of your concentrates. While each concentrate is unique, some general things to keep in mind: The higher the heat, the stronger the effects, while lower heat allows you to experience better terpene profiles. There are also some slight differences in dabbing temperatures between P.H.O and B.H.O. concentrates:

    635°F – 670°F
    645°F – 680°F

The main difference between butane hash oil concentrates and propane hash oil concentrates is the solvent used during production.

Using butane as a solvent is going to pull all of the plant matter from the flower. It’s not only going to pull THC and terpenes — it’s also going to pull fats and chlorophyll. What Venom Extracts makes sure to do with our butane products is to run it as cold as possible — this ensures we pull as little fat, lipid, chlorophyll and volatile matter in the product as possible. Our butane-extracted products are as clean and as pure as possible.

Propane pulls at a much higher pressure, yielding smaller amounts because it’s only pulling the “good” out of the cannabis flower — it’s not pulling the fat, lipids or chlorophyll. But it definitely pulls the valuable THC-A and terpenes. Another benefit to propane over butane-made products: Propane leaves behind zero residual solvents.

To be clear, butane-made products are not bad, and we strive to make sure our butane-made products, specifically shatter, are always below 100 parts per million, which is actually safer than lighting a cigarette.

At Venom Extracts we’re the only company in the state to make 100% propane-based products.

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